First name Last name Department Position Locationsort icon E-mail
Andrew McKenzie Special Services Behavior Assistant OHS
Rachel Johndrow Science Teacher OHS
Sharold Bowman Special Services Teacher OHS
Jennifer True English Teacher OHS
Janice Miller Administration Administrative Assistant OHS
Shawn Anderson Special Services Teacher OHS
Stefani Stevens English Teacher OHS
Allison Ward Math Teacher OHS
Anne Pietroski Special Services Gifted & Talented OHS
Briana Coburn Math Teacher OHS
Hannah Faesy Guidance Social Worker OHS
James Taylor Special Services Educational Technician OHS
Brittany Lessard Food Service Food Service Worker OHS
Autumn Brown Special Services Behavior Assistant OHS
Emily Cashen Science Teacher OHS
Rachel Brimer World Languages Teacher OHS
Caleb Lawrence English Teacher OHS
Megan Thill World Languages Teacher OHS
Matthew Speno Special Services Teacher OHS
Dana Teel Facilities Custodian OHS
Catherine Dinsmore Food Service Food Service OHS
Priscilla Johnson Special Services Educational Technician OHS
Anne Wunderli Special Services Educational Technician OHS
Jeffrey Kinney Math Teacher OHS
Jill Hanley Ed Support Educational Technician OHS
Kimberlee Hammond Special Services Teacher OHS
Debra Lund Science Teacher OHS
Graham Shove Social Studies teacher OHS
Anaya Miller Facilities Custodian OHS
Susan Watts Guidance School Counselor OHS
Jennifer Curtis Administration Principal OHS
Jared Cowan Arts Teacher OHS
J C Bakley Guidance School-to-Career Coord OHS
Megan Rickard Special Services Educational Technician OHS
Anne Edmands Ed Support Ed Tech OHCS
Sandra Curtis Educ Support Educational Technician OHCS
Deborah McKenney Administration Administrative Assistant OHCS
Rachel Putansu Elem/Middle Teacher OHCS
Molly Protheroe Elem/Middle Teacher OHCS
Valerie Wells Ed Support Educational Technician OHCS
Jeanne Ackor Elem/Middle Teacher OHCS
Lorrie Callaway Elem/Middle Teacher OHCS
Jessica York Elem/Middle Teacher OHCS
Wendy Jacques Elem/Middle Teacher OHCS
school editor 0 MDS
Lorraine Lash Health Nurse Itinerant
Rebecca Shafer Special Services Teacher Itinerant
Beth Parmley Special Services Speech Therapist Itinerant
Heidi Taylor Guidance Guidance Counselor Itinerant
Meredith Joyce Health School Nurse Itinerant
Donna-Marie Hardt Elem/Middle K-5 Math Coach & Title 1A Math Itinerant
Richard Wehnke Arts Teacher Itinerant
Lorri Butler Food Service Food Service Itinerant
Holly Flanagan Elem/Middle Title IA Interventionist Itinerant
Amy Hufnagel Special Services Social Worker Itinerant
Ashley Boden Arts Music Teacher Itinerant
Linda Maloney Food Service Food Service Itinerant
Janelle Eddy Arts Teacher Itinerant
Beverly Pacheco Arts Teacher Itinerant
Matthew Petrie Physical Education Teacher Itinerant
Kari Barlow Food Service Food Service Worker Itinerant
Melody Hasbrouck Arts Teacher Itinerant
Karen Bode Elem/Middle Title IA Interventionist Itinerant
Scott Herrick Physical Education Teacher Itinerant
Sarah Dyer Special Services Teacher (GBS/OHCS) Itinerant
Betsy Schweighauser Facilities Bus Driver/Science Kits Itinerant
Darcie Watkinson Elem/Middle Teacher GBS
Melissa Grierson Administration Administrative Assistant GBS
Connie Beal Food Service Food Service GBS
Laurel Dean Educ Support Educational Technician GBS
Corinne Grant Facilities Custodian GBS
Pamela Walton Elem/Middle Teacher GBS
Katherine Warner Elem/Middle Teacher GBS
Deborah Richards Elem/Middle Teacher GBS
Mary Tolman Elem/Middle Teacher GBS
Benjamin Tripp Administration Principal (GBS/OHCS) GBS
Laurence Dostie Facilities Custodian GBS
Jeanne Spearin Educ Support Educational Technician GBS
Sandi Jordan Facilities Driver District
Lauren Watts Special Services Occupational Therapist District
Kathy Blais Administration Administrative Assistant District
Jason Karam Technology Computer Technician District
Rebecca Tucker Special Services Administrative Assistant District
David Moran Special Services Clinical Coordinator District
Sarah Schneider Elem/Middle Pre-K Teacher District
Felicia Robinson Facilities Van Driver District
Laurie Walsh Technology Teacher District
Steffany Tribou Administration Director of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction District
Michaelle Day Facilities Van Driver District
Kasey Drinkwater Special Services Occupational Therapist District
Christy Monroe Administration Adult Education Director District
Charles Butler Food Service Food Service Director District
Barbara Dyer Administration HR Specialist District
Valerie Edwards Facilities Bus Driver District
Alan Elwell Facilities Bus Driver District
Kenneth Elwell Facilities Maintenance District
Roy Grotton Facilities Transportation Supervisor District
Neal Guyer Administration Projects Director District
Scott Hall Facilities Maintenance Director District
Bruce Johnson Technology IT Director District
Joseph Knight Technology Data Specialist District
Shannon Siegel Special Services School Psychologist District
Kevin Moholland Facilities Bus Driver District kmoholland@rsu13org
Jeff Monahan Technology Field Service Coordinator District
Diane Possee Consultant Psychological Examiner District
David Sanborn Facilities Custodian District
Jennifer Colby Administration Administrative Assistant District
Helen Slocomb Administration Accounts Payable District
Winona Rich Facilities Driver District
Clifton Yattaw Facilities Maintenance District
Peggy York Food Service Food Service District
Lawrence Schooley Special Services IEP Coordinator District
Paula Moody Facilities Administrative Assistant District
David Hilgrove Facilities Bus Driver District
Peter Orne Administration Business Manager District
Donald Dudley Facilities Bus Driver District
Barry Henderson Facilities Custodian District
Erin Elwell Elem/Middle Pre-K Teacher District
Tara Oxley Health Nurse District
Ryan Ford Technology Computer Technician District
Nancy Killoran English ESL Teacher District
Chip Mitchell Facilities Van Driver District
Elizabeth Caron Elem/Middle Pre-K Teacher District
Peter Everett Facilities Van Driver District
Mark Leavitt Special Services Physical Therapist District
Jamie O'Donoghue Facilities Mechanic District
Jeff Colburn Facilities Bus Driver District
Sigrid Keyes Facilities Crossing Guard District
Donna Brown Facilities Bus Driver / Custodian District
Bonnie Nielson Elem/Middle Gifted-Talented Teacher District
David McFarland Facilities Van Driver District
John McDonald Administration Superintendent District
Aimee Campbell Special Services School Nurse District
Kristin Gould Technology Tech Integrator District
Heather Nelson Special Services OT Asst District
Roland Staples Facilities Bus Driver District
Melanie Knight Administration Substitute Coordinator District
Jessica Yates Administration Special Education Director District
Kristine Rizkalla Facilities Bus Driver District
John Rhoades Food Service Driver District
Bethany Browne Special Services Social Worker District
Susan Sell Technology MLTI Tech Lead District
Gerald Spaulding Facilities Bus Driver District
Molly Bishop Administration Athletic Director District
Steve Sylvester Facilities Custodial Supervisor District
Christy Watkinson Facilities Bus Driver District
Anita West Facilities Bus Driver/Custodian District
Rebecca Watson Special Services BCBA District
Dawn Jones Administration Teaching Principal CCS
Carla Myrick Administration Administrative Assistant CCS
Lynn Peters Facilities Custodian CCS
Darcy Payne Elem/Middle Teacher CCS
Kristi Niedermann Educ Support Educational Technician CCS
Janelle Miller Elem/Middle Teacher CCS
Jody Brooks Ed Support Educational Technician CCS
Rebecca Glidden Educ Support Educational Technician CCS
Amanda Downer Ed Support Educational Technician CCS
Hope Hersom Guidance Guidance Counselor CCS
Catherine Davis Educ Support Educational Technician CCS
Erin Fitzgerald Elem/Middle Teacher CCS
Christa Kratowicz Elem/Middle Teacher CCS
Becky Hallowell Elem/Middle Teacher CCS
Nicole McLellan Elem/Middle Teacher CCS
First needed Last needed Administration Web Admin 0