First name Last namesort icon Department Position Location E-mail
Jeff Monahan Technology Field Service Coordinator District
Christy Monroe Administration Adult Education Director District
Paula Moody Facilities Administrative Assistant District
David Moran Special Services Clinical Coordinator District
Nerin Moroney Special Services Teacher TGS
Chris Mudgett Facilities Custodian TGS
Christelle Munnelly World Languages French Teacher OMS
Carla Myrick Administration Administrative Assistant CCS
Heather Nelson Special Services OT Asst District
Jane Newcomb Educ Support Educational Technician SS
Katie Nicholls Social Studies Teacher OHS
Kristi Niedermann Educ Support Educational Technician CCS
Bonnie Nielson Elem/Middle Gifted-Talented Teacher District
Celia Niemi Educ Support Educational Technician SS
Sean O'Connor Ed Support Ed Tech SS
Jamie O'Donoghue Facilities Mechanic District
Susan Oliver Elem/Middle Teacher SS
Joshua Onorato Administration Interim Assistant Principal SS
Peter Orne Administration Business Manager District
Beverly Pacheco Arts Teacher Itinerant
William Palmer Science Teacher OHS
Beth Parmley Special Services Speech Therapist Itinerant
Darcy Payne Elem/Middle Teacher CCS
Stephen Payson Facilities Custodian SS
Kelly Peavey Elem/Middle Teacher SS
Sylvia Percy Arts Teacher OMS
Hal Perry Ed Support Educational Technician OMS
Lynn Peters Facilities Custodian CCS
Matthew Petrie Physical Education Teacher Itinerant
Anne Pietroski Special Services Gifted & Talented OHS
Brian Plourde Health Teacher OMS
Catherine Poirier Educ Support Educational Technician SS
Mildred Poland Food Service Food Service SS
Diane Possee Consultant Psychological Examiner District
Molly Protheroe Elem/Middle Teacher OHCS
Rachel Putansu Elem/Middle Teacher OHCS
Deborah Rackliff Elem/Middle Teacher OMS
Christina Rackliff Ed Support Educational Technician SS
Nicole Randall Administration Administrative Assistant OMS
Darren Randall Phys Ed Teacher OMS
Jane-Ann Reinink Special Services Behavior Assistant SS
John Rhoades Food Service Driver District
Winona Rich Facilities Driver District
Laura Rich Ed Support Educational Technician SS
Deborah Richards Elem/Middle Teacher GBS
Rosemarie Richter Elem/Middle Teacher TGS
Colleen Rickard Special Services Teacher OHS
Ainslee Riley Administration Principal TGS
Kristine Rizkalla Facilities Bus Driver District
Linda Robbins Elem/Middle Teacher OMS
Adam Roberge Science Teacher OMS
Kyle Robinson Elem/Middle Teacher OMS
Christine Roling Elem/Middle Teacher SS
Kenneth Russell Technology Teacher OHS
Juliet Russell Ed Support Educational Technician OMS
Catherine Sally English Teacher OMS
David Sanborn Facilities Custodian District
Aimee Sanfilippo Administration Administrative Assistant TGS
Sarah Schneider Elem/Middle Pre-K Teacher District
Rebecca Schooley Special Services Administrative Assistant District
Lawrence Schooley Special Services IEP Coordinator District
Sara Schooley Special Services Educational Technician SS
Betsy Schweighauser Facilities Bus Driver/Science Kits Itinerant
Katharine Selberg Elem/Middle Teacher SS
Susan Sell Technology MLTI Tech Lead District
Andrea Sgobbo Garver Special Services Teacher OMS
Rebecca Shafer Special Services Teacher Itinerant
Amanda Shortall Math Teacher OHS
Graham Shove Social Studies teacher OHS
Shannon Siegel Special Services School Psychologist District
Madeleine Siletti Administration Administrative Assistant SS
Eric Silvia Facilities Custodian OHS
Pamela Sleeper Educ Support Educational Technician TGS
Helen Slocomb Administration Accounts Payable District
Melanie Slocum English Teacher OMS
Everett Smith Elem/Middle Teacher OMS
Ruth Smith Educ Support Educational Technician/Custodian TGS
Kristi Smith Educ Support Educational Technician SS
Sue Snow Guidance Administrative Assistant OHS
Lynn Snow Elem/Middle Teacher TGS
Roxanne Snow Elem/Middle Teacher SS
George Soule Facilities Custodian SS
Gerald Spaulding Facilities Bus Driver District
Jeanne Spearin Educ Support Educational Technician GBS
Matthew Speno Special Services Teacher OHS
Ellen Spring Library Library/Media Specialist OHS
Dennis Stanhope Special Services Behavior Assistant SS
Roland Staples Facilities Bus Driver District
Lynda Stevens Special Services Behavior Assistant SS
Stefani Stevens English Teacher OHS
Melissa Stevens Special Services Behavior Assistant OMS
Katherine Stinson Special Services Speech-Language Pathologist SS
Valerie Stone Administration Administrative Assistant OMS
Josette Stone Math Teacher OMS
Lacey Stone Special Services Behavior Assistant TGS
Corinna Strong Food Service Food Service TGS
Julie Strong Educ Support Educational Technician SS
Steve Sylvester Facilities Custodial Supervisor District
Shirley Talbot Educ Support Educational Technician SS
Kelly Taylor Social Studies Teacher OHS
Heidi Taylor Guidance Guidance Counselor Itinerant
Patricia Taylor Special Services Speech Language Pathologist SS
Dana Teel Facilities Custodian OHCS
Megan Thill World Languages Teacher OHS
Jane Thompson Ed Support Ed Tech OHS
Deanne Tibbetts Library Library/Media Specialist & Tech Integrator SS
Donna Tochterman Elem/Middle Teacher SS
Michael Tolman Math Teacher OHS
Mary Tolman Elem/Middle Teacher GBS
Martha Toothaker 0 Educational Technician OHS
Steffany Tribou Administration Director of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction District
Benjamin Tripp Administration Principal (GBS/OHCS) GBS
Gretchen Tripp Social Studies Teacher OMS
Jennifer True English Teacher OHS
Kimberly Vaillancourt Educ Support Educational Technician SS
Laurie Walsh Technology Teacher District
Pamela Walton Elem/Middle Teacher GBS
Allison Ward Math Teacher OHS
Katherine Warner Elem/Middle Teacher GBS
Darcie Watkinson Elem/Middle Teacher GBS
Christy Watkinson Facilities Bus Driver District
Lauren Watts Special Services Occupational Therapist District
Susan Watts Guidance School Counselor OHS
Amber Webber Special Services Behavior Assistant SS
Richard Wehnke Arts Teacher Itinerant
Valerie Wells Ed Support Educational Technician OHCS
Jennifer West Special Services Title I Services SS
Anita West Facilities Bus Driver/Custodian District
Jennifer Whitney Special Services Teacher SS
Amanda Widdecombe Food Service Food Service SS
Maria Wilkinson Special Services Behavior Assistant TGS
Marilyn Wilson Educ Support Educational Technician TGS
Crystal Wirkala Ed Support Educational Technician SS
Lyndsay Wood Elem/Middle Teacher SS
Haley Wotton Elem/Middle Teacher TGS
Jeffrey Wright Math Teacher OHS
E. Bret Wunderli Special Services Educational Technician OMS
Anne Wunderli Special Services Educational Technician OHS
Jessica Yates Administration Special Education Director District
Clifton Yattaw Facilities Maintenance District
Peggy York Food Service Food Service District
Jessica York Elem/Middle Teacher OHCS
Denise Young Educ Support Educational Technician TGS